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New Album - Guardians Of Our Time - out 19/11/19

Really excited to say that my new album, Guardians Of Our Time, is being released on 19th November as an independent release. Pre-orders are now available from my page here.

It was recorded at my home throughout 2018 and 2019 and is a marked contrast to the full band sound and production of my last album ‘Making Mountains Vol 1’ (2016). I've self produced using mostly what I can create with his voice, guitar and keyboards (even iPhone recordings).

There is a subtle influence of the more experimental albums that inspired me during this period, such as Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Carrie and Lowell’, John Southworth’s ‘Niagara’ and Father John Misty’s ‘Pure Comedy’. 

It also features Chris Cundy (Timbre Timber/Cold Specks)on Bass Clarinet and Emma Parker on Harmony Vocals. I like to think that result is something intimate, experimental, sublime; with socio-political lyrics and meticulous imagery taking centre stage.  The driving theme through this album is very current. It fundamentally addresses the need for change, personally and collectively, in the face of environmental and political crisis. 

‘Guardians Of Our Time’ is the title track of the album. A rallying call, a celebratory protest song where ‘young hearts, young minds bring the revolution to life'.  My professional experience also continues to influence my songwriting, ‘Eva’, is an intensely moving tribute to a dementia sufferer.

It also ventures into more surrealist concepts; an ethereal road trip through aspects of hope ('Whatever It Is'), death ('Folk Man Blues) and rebirth('Butterfly'). 'Meeting's Adjourned' covers political paralysis. On a lighter note, 'Tweedy's Song' is about a local clown! 

Making this album really took me back to my early years of recording at home on a 4 track with the ability to experiment, record at will and capture something personal, raw and beautifully authentic. Authenticity is so vital to my process as a songwriter that it felt really special to be able to honour that in this recording.

The artwork is by Brooklyn, NYC, based artist, Gigi Chen, whose subject matter is mostly birds, especially Bowerbirds who I particularly hold dear (my favourite song from my last album, ‘Bowerbird’ has been re-developed for the current album).  I fell in love with her imagery and am delighted to be able to use it for my very own piece of art!

I'm doing a few intimate shows to play tracks from the new album (and, of course, old songs). See my gig listings here.

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Bob Wilkinson
Bob Wilkinson
Mar 13

You are unique in your themes and the images you evoke. I'm so looking forward to seeing and meeting you at Lighthorne on the 1st April. Bob Wilkinson

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