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Edd Donovan and The Wandering Moles

Extra Short Bio

Contemporary folk singer-songwriter featured in The Guardian, Radio 2 and 6Music, touring to promote his fourth album 'Music that tells stories of modern life; a lyrical alchemist weaving magic and meaning with glorious melodies.  "Political, poignant...profound'' Americana, UK.  

“Political, poignant....profound” Americana, UK.

“A natural storyteller and reflective lyricist” Maverick Magazine

 "Guardians Of Our Time’ is a modern-day folk song for people with a taste for beauty, adventure, nature and wonder. His best album yet."  Folk Radio UK 

"Hearing Bowerbird or Eva and Seen By The Road evoked memories of hearing Seth Lakeman or John Martyn for the very first time; such is the way Donovan makes a complex story and chord progression sound very easy on the ear, while still bamboozling the brain." Rocking Magpie

"He is writing some of the most creative and thought-provoking material on the folk scene" Shire Folk

Edd Donovan is a highly distinctive singer and songwriter with a rare, original talent. His sound is heartfelt – comforting, yet challenging – wise. 

 He’s a folk songwriter in the most contemporary sense. He crafts songs that tell stories of modern life; a lyrical alchemist weaving magic and meaning with glorious melodies. 

Edd’s professional experience as a Social Worker has inspired a number of his songs (he continues to work as a Mental Health Social Worker) and The Guardian’s article on Edd, “The Singing Social Worker” gained his songwriting international attention.  His song, ‘I Am’ was selected by Reg Meuross for his Radio 2 Folk show playlist with the words, ‘Edd Donovan isn’t famous, but with songs like this he should be’.


His tracks have been played on BBC6 Music (Cerys Matthews and Tom Robinson), Radio 2 Folk Show, various BBC folk shows, Baylen Leonard's Front Porch show, BBC Introducing and many folk and Americana radio shows internationally. He has toured extensively throughout the UK since 2014,  playing everything from solo shows to 10 piece band concerts, including support slots for John Smith, Reg Meuross, Ralph McTell, Boo Hewerdine, Micah P Hinson, Megan Henwood, Devon Sproule, Emily Barker, Darren Hayman, Slow Leaves and many more. 

He is currently touring to promote his 4th album, Anchovy., He will be performing as a duo with Emma Parker on harmony vocals or a trio also with Chris Cundy (Timber Timbre/Cold Specks) on bass clarinet. 

"In a time of deep uncertainty, while we watch politicians jockeying for position and personal gain, Edd Donovan is our conscience. Edd Donovan for Prime Minister!"

Americana UK 

Edd’s live shows promise to be intimate, engaging and sometimes delightfully unpredictable. 

 'Banter, both humorous and thought-provoking, engages the audience. More great lyrics follow in the vein of the iconic folk songs, and especially reminiscent of Bob Dylan" National Country Review



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Tech Spec

Edd - acoustic guitar/voice (CENTRE STAGE)

DI / Vocal Mic (SM58 or equivalent)

Emma - voice (STAGE RIGHT)

Vocal Mic (SM58 or equivalent)

Chris - bass clarinet (STAGE LEFT)

XLR (requires phantom)


Echoes Of The Sea

Echoes Of The Sea

⁠@edddonovan9599 Lauded singer-songwriter Edd Donovan announces the first single ‘Echoes Of The Sea’ from his upcoming album ‘Anchovy’. The song sees Donovan touch upon abandoning resistance and his personal experience of returning to a state of inner equilibrium. Edd states “this song is about flow and how we can feel a liberation from fear and seeking. It also describes a journey back to a true source of love, joy and peace”. A tantalising taste of the upcoming album, the single shows Donnovan display a new level of creative expression which he describes as the “product of endless dedication and consideration, experimentation and exploration”. Echoes of The Sea is available on all platforms from July 28th 2023 Download and CDs Echoes of The Sea Now every day I feel much older and my bones ache The floor is getting harder to fall on, my bones break And when the wind blows me off my path, I always seem to end up in the river Flow river flow, show me what you know and take me home... Now the more you struggle the deeper you sink with the weight that you bare Give in to the river, this tide of light and breath fresh air And when the wind blows you off your path you won’t mind if you end up in the river Flow river flow, show me what you know and take me home... I fell in love I fell in love I fell in love I fell in love - yes, I did, yes, I did, yes, I did! Now on the banks we dry our clothes in golden sun We sit there naked, naked as the day we were born I held my hand out to a man who lived in a shell But I’m invisible to him as he’s invisible to himself And the echoes of the sea won’t set him free No, the echoes of the sea won’t set him free. Edd Donovan - Lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar and keyboards Emma Parker - Backing vocals Diane Arthurs - Flutes Paul Arthurs - Percussion and mandolin
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